by Gloria Yasmín

You asked, I’ve answered.


How does one become a blogger?
Everyone tells you, you should write a book, but you’re scared of commiting to one idea, plus you sell yourself short and decide to practice by blogging only to find out it’s harder than it seems…

What’s your niche?
So a sprinkle of this a whole lotta that and hola there you have it: everything I like.

Are you a full-time blogger?
I wish.

Do you get paid blogging?
If you use my affiliate links – yes.
If you purchase from my shop – yes. If you are generous enough to donate to my Paypal.com/vintagenopal – yes. 

If you don’t, no 😭

Is this a blog or a website?
It’s both! I just tend to blog more than I get to posting my merch, which is why I tend to refer to it more as a blog than a site.

Why don’t you post consistently?
I have a full-time job, a side one, wife duties. I tutor my nephew, I play ACNH and I sometimes prefer to binge watch shows than write. And have y’all heard of writer’s block? Self doubt? Yeah sometimes those forces are strong. The real question is, why don’t you read my blog consistently, tho?!

Dulce Hogar 101® – Home

Can I visit you?
If you know where I live, sure. Just give me a notice in advance so I can turn on all the candles and have the place smelling fresh and throw the shoes in the room. If not, no creep!

How are you so good at decorating?
Aww, thank you. How are you so nice?! 

Well, I just envision something and carry it through until it is pleasing to my eyes. It takes a lot of trial and error i.e. swapping out decor – a little more to the left and right. Rearranging a lot, really.

What is your home decor style classified as?
I have no idea. Some areas are minimalistic. Others are cluttercore. There’s also some south-west vibes and thrifted boho finds. A lot of neutrals with small sprinkles of color here and there. Also think wood and rustic chic. What would you classify that as?

Do you rent or own?
Currently renting. But saving up for a starter home.

Do you recommend purchasing new items or second hand?
10/10 recommend doing what works best for you! If you want new and won’t hurt you financially, go for it! If you score a used item for way less and in good condition or restorable then go for it. We have both. But our proudest buys are those second hand items that fit our “aesthetic” and are wallet friendly – i.e. our $1 coffee table which we sanded and stained and love.


Why don’t you tame the frizz?
Sorry can’t hear you over all this volume.

Are you pregnant?
No, the camera just adds 10 lbs on top of the 20 some that I gained. Thanks for noticing. 🥲

What do you do to prevent breakouts?
I cut back on dairy when I start noticing huge breakouts on my chin area. Usually when they are screaming hi at you. It happens.

Is that your natural hair?
Yes every inch of frizz and knots are.

You used to be fit, what happened?
I’m stil fit….ting food in my mouth that I should probably cut back on🤷🏽‍♀️

What instrument do you play and why did you choose it?
Ukulele. Because I failed at the fiddle… wanted to learn a string instrument. And this is the one that stuck and is easy for me and just suits me.


And that’s it. Just a few questions I am asked most frequently. If you have any to add, please don’t hesitate to ask! I tend to do a monthly Q&A on my instagram stories you could ask there…or send me a message/comment etc.

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