You Must Wonder

by Gloria Yasmín
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Little One,

I know I haven’t been resting enough or talking to you as much as I would like.
You must wonder if I care.
Don’t worry, I do.

I know I don’t take many bump photos, don’t have your designated nursery area set up, or my hospital bag packed just yet.
You must wonder if I have forgotten about you.
Don’t worry, I absolutely have not.

Believe me. I still look at you in the mirror every day and smile. As for my hospital bag and your nursery nook, they will be ready in time; I promise.

I know I don’t always eat the healthiest of foods, drink enough water, or exercise as much as doctor recommends.
You must wonder if I want to give you the best.
Don’t worry, I truly do.

However, my body and mind are more tired this trimester. Yet, I am trying to do my best for you

I know I can be overrun with mixed emotions some days.
You must wonder if it’s your fault or whether I’m okay.

Truth is, my body is going through a lot right now and my mind sometimes doesn’t understand this. But it’s definitely not your fault. Please don’t worry, I’m okay.

I know this hasn’t been the easiest ride for us.
Therefore, you must wonder a lot.
But please, don’t worry.

To me you are perfect and part of my everything.

I cannot wait to meet you soon, Little One.


Your Mamí 💕

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