Key Saga • Part 1

by Gloria Yasmín
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As promised on my IG story, here is the beginning of our Key Saga 🔑


We = husband and me

We travel sparingly. Most of the times are for business rather than pleasure. Nonetheless, we travel and try and have a little fun in the mix. Somehow, we manage to “misplace” keys in our trips. This past weekend (mini-vacay) was no exception. I guess we are building our own little tradition? Or how they say in my first tongue, “pa’ no perder la costumbre!”

So let me rewind to the very first time, this happened on our trips.

Part 1

We took our first trip together to San Antonio, TX. It was for Alex’ recovery follow-up appointment.

We rented a car. I drove over there. We arrived just on time, with a few minutes to spare for the doctor’s appointment. The Doctor was the bearer of good news. “Recovery seems to be going well for you.” We drove 4 hours away, to wait in the cramped lobbies an extra 45-60 minutes, to wait an additional 10 minutes in the patient room, just so that the doctor can meet with Alex for a little less than 15 minutes! But, hey it was worth the news. And now we had the remainder of the day and next to morph into tourists.

We celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory. Walked around the mall for some window shopping. Went to room and planned for next day activities but decided to add the River Walk that same evening.

The Evening

We get ready.

We go. We park. We walk and talk, guess we were walkie talkies…we take pictures. We sit on several benches, cause even though Doc said Alex is healing well, his pelvis still had suffered trauma.

After some time, we decide to head back. Sharing laughs, stories, on our way back to the car. We are having a good time. Oh, we’re we in for a surprise.

We get to car…I checked my pockets.. Not here. So, that’s when I ask Alex for the keys.

A: “You were driving, why would I have the keys?” G:”I don’t know I asked you to hold my phone so maybe I also gave you the keys?!” A: “No, you didn’t hand me the keys.” G: “Are you sure check your pockets, I’ll check mine again”

We pat ourselves down. Worse than if a cop were to search us. Where are the keys? How are we getting back? How much would the rental agency charge us for losing keys? We don’t know anyone in this city, who can we ask to help?

So many similar thoughts racing through our minds. Hold up. Breathe. Let’s retrace our steps.

The Walk of Shame

We had to do the River Walking again. This time it felt like the walk of shame. Our heads sloped, looking at the ground as we utilized our cellphones as flashlights. Searching.

People staring at us, like, guys, the river is the view not the ground. We tried our best to ignore their judgemental glances as we continued our search fueled by our power walk.

We stopped at every single place we stopped before. Déja vu, except it wasn’t. And somehow, some people looked at is a if they knew. Every one was suspicious. Think a mystery party, except it wasn’t a party. We wondered, if someone found the key, would they turn it in somewhere (where?) or would they try to find the car and go? At that point, idk what was faster, the thoughts racing or our power walk?

Nonetheless, we kept searching. Each step taken, weakened our hope.

That’s it we are going to have to sleep outside. On a bench. A bench sounds good about now after all this walking and racing.

The Bench

Let’s go to the bench we took pictures at.

We arrive and nearby there is a group of 4-5 guys. Drinking, chatting. Extremely close. We kind of hesitate about sitting in that bench. But we sit down to restrategize. I take off the jacket, because at this point I’m sweating. I no longer feel cold on that chilly night. I looked down and somehow,

the keys were there. On the bench; barely noticeable. Had we not sat down, would we have found them? Would that group of guys have found them? If so, done what with them?

Hope Restored

It was a miracle. I had lost hope in finding them but I didn’t want to stop looking for them cause consequences.

The keys must’ve fell out of my pocket when we sat there the first time.

I was praying as we searched. I can say, God answered that prayer. And we learned, or at least I thought we did, to be more careful with keys in general.

I held onto those keys tighter than ever after finding them. So much, that I was even skeptical of letting go of my grip as I turned on the car.

And I double checked, triple checked, if I had the keys every time after that incident during that trip. 😳 and boy was that a trip.

But we would always have a story to tell about that heart stopping incident. Sure, it was just keys…but the way my anxiety sparks (didn’t know it was that at the time) increased magnification of the situation.

But we got the keys back. We returned the rental and that was that. “Never again.” She thought and breathed.

However, future us was just around the corner, looking at us saying, aww how cute, just wait til y’all go to Corpus Christi.

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