Wednesday Weigh In

by Gloria Yasmín
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Today’s post is brought to you by:

Wyze Scale

It’s not your regular scale, she’s a cool scale. It tracks more than just a number that you may or may not obsess over. I hope you don’t. You are more than just a number. A number doesn’t define you, but it sure does let you know if you ought to do something about it; or not. To each their own body.

What I love about this scale is the “best looking” when I searched on Amazon. And if you don’t use Amazon Prime already, or if you have and are on a break, it’s time to get back with it; or not. To each their own wallet.

This post is sounding all review-y. But that’s fine. I wouldn’t be writing about something I didn’t review/research/used.

And boys and girls, ladies and gents, when I tell you this scale is a great one, she really is.

She does more than make me feel at my heaviest. She does more than let me know that the numbers are high, so high or that my work is paying off and I’m in control.

She lets me know my body fat percentage. Eeek! I know, not something I want to brag about, but definitely something I want to know to know how much I have to melt off.

She also lets me know my muscle mass. No, I haven’t lifted in a few years, but somehow lifting my own body weight, has helped maintain some of that good mass.

Plus, bone mass y’all. Turns out, I was never big boned, just had extra fat. Judging by my height, yeah, no; my bones are petite.

And, it tracks so much more! So if you’re already obsessed with one number, why not obsess with more?! I’m kidding. It wouldn’t be true of me to not sprinkle some sarcasm here and there. But, to each their own obsession.

The best part of this scale is that it syncs with your phone. You have charts and trends. You can see if you’ve gone up or down. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably notice a yo-yo trend at the initial stages. That’s fine. No really. This scale somehow makes it look okay with the charts, the colors. The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

If you’re currently in the market for a new scale who won’t do you wrong BUT will tell you the truth and then some extra facts, look no further. Click on the scale image above, and add it to your cart! Or even if you’re not in the market, but if your scale isn’t working for you and only taunts you with one set of triple digits, run. – that pun was unintended, I promise. But if running is your thing; to each their own cardio routines. – but if my review doesn’t convince you, I’ll link a few other options I deleted from my cart when shopping for my scale below. Y’know so you can have options and do your own research.

Now that I got that mini review out of the way, let me go to the juicy details AKA my numbers.


If you’re following on Instagram, then you know my starting numbers. I won’t keep you guessing. It really isn’t a secret. After all, all my health apps know that weight. As well as my doctor and allergy specialist…it’s already on the world wide web, and very noticeable on me too, so I’m not embarrassed to re-share that weight.

Starting weight: 174.some lbs. No, I am not ashamed of the numbers that come after the decimal, I just don’t remember them. That weight was taken during my pre-scale owning days. It was taken at the clinic after years of not weighing myself…and look where not weighing myself got me. I’m not blaming gaining the excessive amount of pounds on not owning my own scale, but I’m not, not gonna put the blame on not having one. I’m just saying, now that I have the Wyze scale, I’m more mindful of the numbers.

Plus, I am able to keep track of the numbers that come after the decimals. And if I ever forget, I just go back to the charts, look at the logs, and there they are. All the numbers for more accurate weight tracking.

So, if you’re following on Instagram, you’ll see SW: 175 lbs – I rounded up (pun intended)

Now let’s talk about goals before I share my goal weight. My overall goal, is not the same as it was back in 2014 (the beginning of my fittest year – if memory serves me correctly). I don’t want to look good. Okay, let me rephrase that. I don’t mind looking good. If it happens, I’ll embrace it. What I mean, is that I am not doing this for looks. I simply want to feel good.

Feeling good > looking good. periodt. Eww, I didn’t want to, just had to. Like fingertip word-vomit.

I want to be a healthier version of myself because right now, I am not only at my heaviest, I am at my unhealthiest. I was always a healthy child. I was a semi-healthy teen (if we don’t take into account my ED). Then I packed some pounds…and that’s when I thought I was at my heaviest. I was then. I did something about it. But then stopped doing and this time around, I’ve surpassed that heaviest weight. And I’ve noticed that not only did I pack on the extra baggage, but I have also had other health issues that have been my wake-up call. Sure, I can talk more about them, but I’ll save them for different posts.

Back to the goals:

To be healthier.
To feel better.
To stop getting out of breath frequently.
For endurance.
Hope it stops the severity of my allergic reactions.
Hormonal balance.
A happier gut.
Clearer skin?
Healthier hair.
No more anxiety???

Things like that.

Those are my main goals. And with that comes another number. My goal weight. I’m not going to say what my overall goal weight is. I just hope it’s BMI approved for the most part. Plus, I’m going to break it down into different goal weights, because I feel it would keep me “motivated”. Also, it’s more realistic. I like setting realistic goals. They are harder to disappoint and easier to achieve. Plus, reaching more milestones means more celebrations!


GW No. 1: 165 lbs – that’s 10 lbs to burn.

GW No. 2: 155 lbs – an additional 10 lbs to shed

GW No. 3: 140 lbs – the “last” 15 lbs to lose


GW No. 4: 135 lbs – burn an extra 5 lbs

GW No. 5: 130 lbs – another 5 lbs gotta go

GW No. 6: 125 – 130 lbs – because I really don’t have an overall end goal. Because I’m okay if I pass this weight limit, as long as it’s when I’m at a healthier state. Because, if i’s 130 lbs or a little more all due to greater muscle mass and lesser fat mass I’ll be okay.

The goal, my goal, is healthier. I will not obsess over the numbers. Even though it seems like it having two phases and 6 total goals to reach. I am breaking it down because I know myself. I don’t want to get easily discouraged trying to get from 175 – 140 lbs. Milestones are my friends. I want to track the progress. The slow progress. The mental health progress. The gut progress. The energy progress, etc.

I want to feel like I’m winning each time I reach a goal. Besides, being at my heaviest and most sedentary lifestyle, losing 10 lbs. isn’t going to be easy. I’m not doing 5 workout days and I’m still crying and having to shift my focus to get up and do the 2-3 a week. It’s hard. I keep comparing myself to my fitter version and that doesn’t make it any easier.

So, I want to be strategic about it. I want to go at my own pace. I want to feel like I am putting in the work and seeing results. Plus, I don’t want to go all into cardio and have some sagginess or lose some of the muscle I still have under all the flabs. I feel like this will work for me. But I have to put in the work in order for it to work.

I should also post a timeline of when I want to reach the goals. I haven’t given it much thought. I’m more than a couple months in since I realized I need to better my health, but still have no “real” schedule.

I just recently incorporated Insanity Max :30 in the mix. Of course, I’m modifying. But I’m also not doing the program as it should be done. I’m skipping some days. Because I’m heavy. We don’t lift weights in Insanity Max :30, we lift us. That’s heavy for me. I’m given myself leniency, but I’m also limiting what I eat/drink. I’ll get more disciplined.

Next week, I’ll push play 5 days. That’s my next goal. And if I pass that, I’ll be better. I guess I’ll have to try my preworkout again. I’ll make sure to dilute, dilute, dilute. It was too much energy and nauseated feelings when I first tried it. But, then again I had too much caffeine that day and for the most part, I like to think I’ve cut back on my caffeine intake. (healthy herbal green teas don’t count – right?!)

There’s also so much more I need to cut back on and change for the better. But for now, I just wanted to give you my numbers.

So, here comes the moment, I think, you have been waiting for. That current weight. The one that isn’t even posted on my gram. Skip the drum roll. Or go ahead bang on your desk if you want to.

CW: 171.2 lbs

I’ve had my scale since Feb 22, 2021 (wow, great memory! – actually it’s on my logs)

According to my Wyze Scale, I was at 173.5 – but remember, I am not using that as my starting weight. I’m using the weight (174.something) at clinic on February 14, 2021. Which rounds up to 175 lbs.

I just checked my year weight trend. My highest: 173.5 lbs on 2/22/2021 and my lowest 167.5 lbs on Mar 21, 2021.

My month weight trend for May 2021 – current highest: 173.3 lbs (5/6/2021); current lowest 171.3 lbs (5/17/2021)

Week weight trend – highest: 171.6 lbs (5/13/2021); lowest: 169.9 lbs (5/15/2021)

I’ll post a screenshot next time.

*****I’d like to point out that there are big fluctuations this week because my gut hasn’t been the happiest. Some days are regular days. Other days nothing happens and there’s backup…hey, it’s part of my health. I promised to keep it real.

Let’s do the calculations….

I’ve lost a total of 3.8 lbs

since February 14, 2021

Yeah, I’ve got to start giving myself deadlines. A weight timeline. The deadline I do want to give myself is to lose at least 25 lbs before December 18, 2021 – save the date! – it’s one of my closest/bestest friend’s wedding. And it also happens to be my cousin’s birthday.

But I’m drained to come up with any other deadlines today.

If you’ve made it this far, you really love to read don’t you? Or do you just like to know the endings and not miss any single details along the way?

Whatever the case may be, thank you for making it this far. Let’s hope I can get farther and lose even more pounds.

Here’s to happier health,

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