Wednesday Weigh In

by Gloria Yasmín
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Actually, make it plural. Wednesday Weigh Ins. There that’s better.

Wait, but aren’t you the same one who would say, “It’s not about the number on the scale?” Guilty as charged. But I was also using an outdated scale to match my outdated views. I’ll refer to them as the misconceptions I fell for. Which might have you wondering, isn’t a scale a double-edged sword that shouldn’t be messed with when on that fitness journey? That depends on which side you’re on. Sadly, there are two sides to this.

Team “It’s not about the number on the scale” AKA “It’s about the inches lost” and/or “Non-scale victories are the best” VS. Team “A scale is a useful tool in your health journey.” Idk about you, but I want to belong into the latter team. Younger me would be appalled, but it just makes more sense.

And it makes even more sense with my new gadget, a scale. So, I’m looking forward to weigh ins. I’m looking forward to those scale victories, and yes, I’m also going to embrace non-scale victories. You can have both pieces from the pie, if you exert more than you input. It’s science, B….. yeah Pinkman says it better.

I can list several reasons as to why it is actually okay to weigh yourself. It really isn’t that bad. If your doctors haven’t ditched the scale, then you shouldn’t either. Unless you’re ditching your old scale for one like this:

Plus, there are a lot of other factors that come into play when doing weigh ins. I’ll reserve those for a later post.

For now, I just wanted to say, Hola soy Gloria Yasmin and I am now Team “Wednesday Weigh Ins” because that sounds so much better than I wrote previously and alliteration, duh!

And you can join me every Wednesday Weigh In, until the batteries on my scale give out.

It’s really that simple. And I’ll also link my scale here.

A useful tool even for those skeptical and think that weight is just a number. It is. But it’s also a number that should be measured alongside with your body fat, muscle mass, body water, visceral fat, bone mass, even protein, and more! And it all gets synced to your smartphone. How cool is that?! I mean, if you’re anything like me who loves to track things you’ll love this.

Take a look at today’s numbers in my Wednesday Weigh In.

Wednesday Weigh In 2/24/2021

I had to post my numbers. I wasn’t going to introduce Wednesday Weigh Ins and not post mine. It would be weird. I’m all about weird, but not that kind of weird.

That’s pretty much it. Wanted to introduce you to Wednesday Weigh Ins and show you my new scale. And also want to know where you stand on the whole weighing yourself. Lmk in the comments below.

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