Our Year One

by Gloria Yasmín
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We tied the knot and had our taquiza. Para que todos vieran que taquero mucho.

Month 1:honeymoon 🍯 🌖 phase, plus our very first new year’s as husband and wife.

Month 2: I started to think you were paranoid. You talked about how we need to stock on food and toilet paper before things got out of hand. And I’m there nervously laughing, I didn’t know you could be so, so, so paranoid… That’s happening in a country far away.

Month 3: Talk about Corona getting closer. I realized you weren’t paranoid. And I’m glad we did go for items before the shelves became empty. Then there was a lockdown and I’m glad I locked you down back in December 2019. And I also locked down a job 3 days before, thank God cause your lay off was 3 days after. But we saw the hand of God provide and keep us safe.

Months 4-7 were a blur. Some days were scarier than others. But you were there when I was sad that I couldn’t visit my family as before. But we found a loophole and took grandma 👵 groceries to see her again. And slowly we visited my parents and it made my heart warm. And the nights I felt sadness were the nights you held me tighter and longer as if you knew that’s what I needed. And you put up with my worship even if I was out of tune because I missed gathering at church. Virtual worship just isn’t the same. But worship nonetheless is beautiful.

And I’m sure you want to forget but along came July and the premiere of Hamilton and I found a new obsession to get my mind of off things. I didn’t throw away my shot at rewatching and singing a long. I’m sure you were sick of it. Sorry not sorry.

And then I saw you hustle even harder, and up up up we built a business. We even got business cards. What started as 1 machine has grown to 6-1.

And we shared laughs, and dreams that we are working on. I love how we think similar when it comes to business moves. I love how you’re a risk taker when I lack that extra push. I love how you are okay with all my hugs and being empalagosa.

I dont love how you leave cabinet doors open. I don’t love how you don’t close the toothpaste or any closet door for that matter. I don’t like how you don’t like that I leave my shoes in the living room, I’m getting better though.

Year one, it’s been a weird one. The one where we learned even more things about each other. Like how I can become very particular on how I want the pots and pans stored. Don’t change them up on me cause, well we already know. 😆 Or how I don’t understand how you can sleep in and waste a perfectly good morning. I mean some days that’s fine, but sometimes I wanna make breakfasts for both of us, but you’re in your dream zone.

Year one. The one where we survived the pandemic thanks to God’s grace and mercy. Where we saw the hand of God never leave us. We knew it was He who provided us with safe haven, finances, wisdom, strength, love and everything else needed. So I want to ask that we continue to put him first in our marriage and lives so that He may continue to protect our marriage and guide us with the bigger decisions that will come our way. And may His will be done in our marriage and lives 🙏 I ask that you continue to pray for me as I pray for you too.

I love you Loo ❤

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