A Walnut Island Mystery

by Gloria Yasmín
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First and foremost, I want to thank you all for the gifts received this week for my birthday. I had a great time. I truly wasn’t expecting all those gifts. There were so many that I didn’t get a chance to open them all. So I did what any weird person would and saved some for a different day.

The Next Day, I continue unwrapping gifts. Just when I thought I was finished, I see a shiny package underneath the pile of unwrapped gifts.

To my surprise, there was one last gift to open. A gift received from ANON (unknown sender). I know it was for me, because despite the chicken scratch handwriting, I could make out the words, To: Galletas.

Trust me, at first I didn’t want to open the gift.

Reason one: it had the prettiest wrapping. It was oh, so perfectly wrapped. Someone must have paid extra bucks to have this professionally wrapped and/or they have wrapping skills I never think I’ll acquire. And well y’know me, I’m a sucker for nicely wrapped gifts. They look so beautiful I feel unwrapping them is a dishonor.

Reason two: and possibly what should be the main reason, but isn’t, because it’s from an unknown sender. Yes, sometimes people forget to write to and from on gifts, and I wouldn’t blame them leaving it out on this beautifully wrapped gift, but the chicken scratch handwriting is a given they didn’t care about “ruining” such perfect wrapping. Also, I had received gifts from almost everyone I knew. I wasn’t missing any. All my villagers gifted items and they tagged their names. Friends and family did the same. So who could be ANON?

It was too strange to receive an anonymous gift. So, I picked it up and set it on my low wooden table. The more I fought the urge not to open the stronger it got. It was almost as if the gift was calling out to me, “Galletas, help! Galletas, open me.” Which is nonsense, because gifts don’t talk, why would they? And even if they did, why would it say help?

I continued to fight the urge, but it was stronger and I was defeated.

I grabbed the gift carefully, plopped it on my lap and began to inspect it. I shook it and I thought I heard a gasp. To which I pushed aside because it must’ve been mine. The gift was heavy. I wonder what’s in it? And so I continued to unwrap, unwrap, unwrap. It felt like an eternity to unwrap. Where did all this wrapping come from?

Finally, you wouldn’t believe what the gift was…I still can’t believe it myself!

But I know it’s real because I’m currently living a nightmare because of it. Why? Who would do such a cruel thing? I’d like to know who sent the gift and what to do because of it.

Friends I plea, if anyone knows any information, please tell me!!! For now, I’ll share the only capture I managed to get of the gift. The letter inside.

I’ll post more updates later. Right now I’m still shooketh. I don’t think I can continue typing on my NookPhone.

But I’m left wondering, could it actually be a mystery on Walnut Island? Stick around to solve this mystery with me.

Shakingly Signing Off,


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