Somewhere Over the Rainbow

by Gloria Yasmín
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Somewhere over the rainbow…where, we won’t have to shelter-in-place. Where we won’t have to wear this mask. But, Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not going back to the norm. This is our new normal.

That’s how I envision Dorothy post-COVID.

Of course, she’d still want to go to some place where there isn’t any trouble. She’d wonder and ask Toto if he supposes there is such a place. Only to answer herself before breaking out into tune, “There must be. It’s not a place you can get to by boat or a train. It’s far, far away — behind the moon — beyond the rain — somewhere over the rainbow…

Oh, Dorothy the ever hopeful wishing for troubles to melt like lemon drops. You and I both kid, but that’s not how life works. But when an escape is needed, breaking out in tune is always helpful.

It might not teleport me over the rainbow, but having hope that there’s more beyond troubling times always feels good to know. A colorful assurance. Which is why I had to kick off this Wonderful Week of Oz with Dressing as Dorothy. Also because it’s the best “excuse” to dress up as Dorothy. My husband won’t think of me as weird if I’m seen using the Dorothy costume throughout the day. I can easily click my heels, and tell him, it’s for the gram and he’ll take that better than if I say, I love this movie so much I just want to escape from reality for a bit and pretend I’m not in [Kansas] anymore.

I wanted to shop for items that could be worn on regular days and not be too costume-y, but I couldn’t afford all the things in my cart. And some items wouldn’t arrive on time. And I’m all about saving at the moment. But I thought I’d still post some of the items that I would use for a future Dorothy bound. The costume worn and posted on my instagram (@holagloriayasmin) I’ve had for over a decade. The other looks were thrifted so I cannot link those, but will link other inspired Dorothy Gale looks below that I wanted to purchase but cannot at the moment.

Vintage Dress Tie Front V Neck Dress
Overalls Pinafore DressBelted Button Up Dress
Peter Pan Collar BlouseAdult Dorothy Dress & Bows

[[Disclaimer: buying through these links will be no extra cost to you, however, I will make a small commission if you shop through my links] Read more on my post » I joined the Amazon Associates Program.

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