The Wonderful Week of Oz

by Gloria Yasmín
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Next week on August 25th is the anniversary of one of my favorite movies: The Wizard of Oz. That calls for celebration!

To celebrate I’m hosting: The Wonderful Week of Oz (over on Instagram @holagloriayasmin).

Anyone who wants to join this celebration can. Simply #celebrateOzsome with your #Ozsomecreations during this #WonderfulWeekOfOz and use those hashtags so I can see your creations, collections, and costumes oh my.

There really isn’t a prompt for this or extra rules. The only one is to celebrate Oz! And obviously to watch the film on the 25th.

Here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Draw something. Sketch away. Paint a picture.
  • Make a recipe.
  • Show off your Oz collection
  • Lipsync to your favorite Wizard of Oz song
  • Sing a long to the tunes
  • Makeup looks. Hairstyles. Character bounds.
  • Short story sequel. Etc.

You name it. You create it/recreate it and don’t forget to share it by using the hashtags mentioned above.

But if you’d rather follow prompts like most hosts make, I’ve made one and will share it below. However, I feel they are too limiting to someone’s creativity. But feel free to use or tweak to your liking.

It’s going to be wickedly Ozsome.

Make your OzsomeCreations your way. Or follow the prompts below:

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