Starting New Horizons

by Gloria Yasmín
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I found myself that stormy Sunday afternoon-all through late evening, enjoying a relaxing game of my newly snatched copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH).

My ears got to enjoy the soothing music firsthand or is it first-ears? My eyes were perplexed with the cute graphics. My time well-consumed completing the setup, achieving, and completing new goals as each minute passed. Such an amazing experience. Near perfection; except (typical Gloria siempre encontrado el pelo en la sopa) for some anxiety triggering moments.

But you just stated, a relaxing ambiance. I did. It doesn’t take away from the fact that my anxiety spiked a few moments of gameplay here and there.


No. 1

Heart’s racing. I hope I select the “right” one. I don’t want any ragrets…and I won’t spoil the rest. But boy, oh boy. Triggering!

No. 2: Having to come up with a name for my island.

Sure I had ideas but most over 10 characters. Which apparently is the limit. I’m a noob, I didn’t know. Ahhh and if that wasn’t triggering enough; mind you, you cannot change the name later! Mini flashback to a few minutes prior to when I had to choose my name in the game…you cannot change that either. Yay you*

You’re already stuck with a name (pronoun) that isn’t capitalized due to not studying the keyboard. And sure that isn’t a big problem, to some, but to this grammar police (apparently off-duty) it’s an eyesore. Big deal. HUGE! Your years of majoring in English really show here Gloria. Way to Glo!

As if the pressure of using a name that CANNOT be changed wasn’t nerve-wracking enough and now, now you’re stuck with an eyesore aka a lower-cased pronoun.

The name choice isn’t bothersome. The choice of not paying attention to the keyboard prior to hitting save is. With all this, “What’s your name, man?”

Alexander Hamilton. Jk, it’s not. I saw an opportunity for a Hami reference and I took it. I didn’t throw away my shot. There she Glos off-topic.

Focus. Focus!

The Name

I settled for one of my childhood nicknames that came about when a dear cousin of mine couldn’t say my nickname given to me by my younger bro when he couldn’t say my given name. That’s a mouthful, (and also a story for another time when there’s café y pan dulce) just like that nickname – pun-intended.

The name is: galletas 🍪 without the capital G so it looks like it’s cookies, but it’s not! It’s supposed to be my nickname…now people who know what galletas translates to in English might think I’m obsessed with cookies. I’m not, but whatevs! Look at me picking up lingo from one of my villagers. ☺

And that’s the story of how I joined the coveted craze. A simple summary of joining the game with anxiety triggers included. The way I started New Horizons.

And now, now I have my very own island.

I’m slowly making it grow, grow, grow.

I have a lot to learn. But that’s the beauty of it. It’s more like a marathon, not a sprint. Well, you can sprint your way to customize your island if that’s how you want to go about it. You do you.

I started New Horizons and I’m learning as I go. I still don’t understand why people ask for turnip prices since they haven’t turnip on my island.

I made another punny. And I’ll be making more with future ACNH posts to come.

But for now, I must get away to my island and eventually come across the turnip craze.

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