The Search for the Lite

by Gloria Yasmín
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Let’s get geeky. Nerdy. 🤓 Or whatever term you use to describe someone who has joined a Fandom.

After months of trying to get a Nintendo Switch (the shortage is real). The demand skyrocketed. And then you have those people, y’know those people buying consoles in bulk to sell at outrageous prices – the audacity 😤 atrocities!)

But IDK what’s worse: the people doing the selling or the people doing the buying 🙄 That’s why they get away with those high prices, people!!

As much as I wanted to be part of the Switch crew, (specifically the ACNH club) my logic didn’t allow me to give in. No sirs and ma’ams. Maybe a slight elbow pain but nothing a sana sana colita de rana, couldn’t mend.

And so continues my story…

As many people were weeks on their island, paying off debts, trying to find the best prices for turnips, and so much more, I was left searching and refreshing several stores for at least a Switch Lite. And sure. There were instances that I almost had it. Placed in the cart and everything, but I’d go to add the ACNH game to cart only to witness my almost to be Switch Lite console snatched from my cart. Worse than black Friday y’all. Cause at least there you can fight back. JK, I don’t condone fighting for any item.

So I was left, how they say in my first language, vestida y alborotada. I didn’t feel infuriated. No more like sad. And the want of wanting to be where the turnips are was fading. But it still stung every time an influencer posted on their stories their achievements. And each time they’d share their friend codes stung worse than when they’d show their clips getting stung from the bees. This was an open invite, which meant me too, except this time I couldn’t make it. Not because of an excuse I made up to get out of a social gathering (pre-COVID), but because I had no island of my own.

And sure, there were a couple of days when a store had a Switch Lite but it wasn’t the color I wanted. I was being picky, icky. And I was left with my indecisiveness and high hopes of one day coming across a yellow 💛 Switch Lite. Or at the very least the coral but that didn’t happen. Sure Amazon had several twice it’s worth! But nuh-uh you ain’t making a fool out of this girl for purchasing something for a ridiculously high amount.

Naturally, my hopes were getting lower. The searches lost momentum. I’d search every other week. And before giving up, something clicked. I said, why let me get back on that let go app…a used Switch isn’t so bad as long as I get to play the dang game.

There it was! An almost new yellow switch lite. And it was calling my name. I heard the sweet whispers grow louder, “Glo, Gloria, GLO.” The seller had it priced reasonably. He was selling it with four other games. Not ACNH, but hey, you could give them a try or resell (decently priced) if I didn’t like. I was getting closer, except the dude lived almost 1.5 hours away. Put a pin on it Glo, you have to wait until the weekend = 3 days away.

Come the next day…another slight issue. The dude wasn’t sure if he wanted to sell. Pre-seller’s remorse is also a thing y’all. Apparently, he just posted to see if he would have any bites because he still plays with it. Oh that was crushing. For more than why you think. I felt bad because I know that feeling. I’m not kidding, pre-seller’s remorse exists as much as post seller’s remorse. How do I know? Because I’ve had to part with my Nintendo 64 for a second time. (1st time it was a shared console with siblings. 2nd time my very own. Both instances hurt) But I did it because money was tight at the time. And I had got a great deal on it with my favorite game on it Diddy Kong Racing…but that’s a story for another time.

So what happened with that deal? It didn’t; that’s what happened. I decided to let him keep his console. And I’m so glad I did. Not right away, but wouldn’t feel good knowing someone would be left without a console because of my “capricho” But also I’m glad because someone came in clutch and notified me of a Nintendo Switch available at a store.


Plus, not the lite the real deal. At first, I thought I wanted the lite, but so glad I didn’t get it.

But that’s the story all about how I became an official Nintendo Switch owner almost two weeks ago.

You bet, I got my hands on Animal Crossing New Horizon (ACNH). And at first, I was worried because there have been a lot of things and times when people speak so highly about something only to find they overhyped it and it doesn’t even meet a satisfactory level. But this time, oh this time they weren’t kidding/lying/joking.

And boy/girl am I glad!

There are so many other things I can say/write about that, and I will. But this story needs a conclusion. So I’m concluding with this.

And adding, stay tuned for future posts about ACNH. Oh yes, they’re coming. She about to TURNIP! « I had to.

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1 comment

Anonymous August 13, 2020 - 9:38 PM

Thanks, I now want to buy one, but I’m more of a PS kinda guy.


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