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Gloria Yasmín here. Welcome to my “new” site.

I’ve upgraded, not only the aesthetics of my site but also upgraded from personal to business.

She’s now a business gal, y’all. 😉 Well, she’s been selling on other platforms, but it’s more to manage. I rather have all the sales be done directly in one spot. Keeping up with inventory will be a breeze now.

Anyway, thank you for patiently waiting. I see you and I appreciate you.

The site is a reflection of my current “vibe” the colors I’m digging and just new content. I got rid of a lot of the old, because I needed this change.

I was suffering trying to keep up with all the things that people were talking about, because if it’s trending then I’ll get the views too right. But somewhere along the way I lost myself trying to keep up with everything. And so much has happened from the beginning of this site, and yes I’m referring to the free wordpress url all the way to now.

I’ve changed URL’s like I change my socks. And then I lose one pair and it’s time for a new pair… and then comes sandal season and I neglect the socks in my drawer….and somehow some still manage to disappear. That’s one way to put it as two why I changed this so many times. That also explains why my writing seems to have gone back to emulate my grade school essays. Not really complaining, I mean I stopped writing, and I used to ace those grade school papers. But I need to start writing like I’m running out of time…(iykyk)!

This is just a quick intro for the relaunching/revamping of my blog turned website.

I dare say, my writing will progress. I will share content that really, really means a lot to me. Content that many may not agree with, but that’s okay. I want the people who like similar things to follow. To form a little (or huge, hey, I’m open for whatever happens) community of people that vibe with me.

So class (that teacher in me – oops! I have to come up with a better way to greet you all), pretend this is the first day of the semester. Here’s the part where I show you what to expect from this course my site has now taken.


Bloom Gloriously – the name I choose for my Christian blog that I neglected by trying to handle too many sites. I’ll be reserving a spot in my site here for all things faith related.

Body + -content related to body acceptance. Especially my journey to my body acceptance and inspiration for others struggling too.

  • Curly Content – for all my curl friends out there. My curly hair journey. Tips and tricks and more.
  • Fitness – because even though I’ve accepted myself at every weight, my body has taught me that it cannot survive if I don’t take care of it. Not to look good, but to feel good and function well. Shortness of breath is real, y’all and my ankles have reached their max capacity. It’s time to get back to being active. Not for scale victories, but for my health. I can’t preach self-love if I don’t love myself to get healthy.
  • Skin – I’ve battled with several skin conditions. It started with my allergic reaction to deet (mosquito repellant) as a child, that’s sensitive skin for you. My acne and my body hair have been my two biggest “challenges” that I have to remind myself that it’s okay to have them.

Dulce Hogar 101 – another separate blog I tried running. I’ll be bringing that content here too. If you like home blogs, decoration inspiration, rental friendly content, and follow a journey on how we save up for our first house and everything in between that’s house related, you’ll find that here.

Press Play – is just as the category suggests. Press play to hear:

  • Podcast – Something else I want to do more of. I have several recordings that I will be uploading. I want to eventually start series and one day, have guests share their insights on helpful resources for y’all.
  • Videos – Oh the videos that I have created and spend hours editing are lonely in my external hard-drive. I always wanted to be able to say, “hola, welcome to my channel!”, but knowing that my content is still in the amateur phase has held me back. But I’m breaking up with fear and self-doubt and posting it here so you can press play and watch me: decorate for the holidays, clean, care for my curls, and more…
  • Worship Series – an IGTV series I attempted during the beginning of quarantine here in South Texas. Well, more of a shelter-in-place mandate…I still had to work, but being home the other hours away from worshiping God in the church I attend with my fellow brothers & sisters, well, I missed the worship and recorded myself singing to the Lord. Because I love to worship. I may not have the angelical voice, and I go out of tune, but I do it with all my heart. Plus, todo lo que respire alabe a Jehovah. That’s why I do it. If that’s your cuppa, let’s worship together when you press play.

there’s also The Other Stuff

  • }Brackets{ – Voting Rounds based on the week’s theme* I create a bracket based on your favorites. You vote for each round daily (via IG & FB stories) until the winner is announced. (#winnerwednesdays) – Most brackets will be 4 rounds of voting to go from 16 options to 1 (some might be less or more depending on the theme/category). – Each day is a different round. If you want your favorite to advance, don’t leave them hanging, vote! & share with others to help. It’s fair… – I create brackets because they are fun and a cool way to interact with you and learn about your favorites. – I’ll make a post just on this with better rules because there’s more to it.
    *THEMES announced here first on Thursdays (anytime after 5 pm CST), then on my Instagram Account @hola.gloriayasmin on Fridays. #thursdaythemes
  • FANDOMS – we all have our favorite fangirling/fandom moments, don’t we? I need a place to share all that love I have for tv shows, movies, books, albums, etc… You’ll get to know more about mine in this category.
  • Instagram related
    • IG Classroom – the algorithm is a pain sometimes. I’m learning. And I’ll be putting into practice several “lessons” and sharing them with you. If they work, you’ll be the first to know. If they didn’t I’ll also let you all know.
    • IG Series – I’ll be creating series, from colors of the month, themes of the week, or topics tackled. I’ll share them here too. I’ll also showcase bloopers & BTS here.
  • Reviews – because I love shopping online. Mainly Amazon.com and well I love to give my reviews on products purchased. I’ll for sure share the items that I absolutely love. Not limited to Amazon, but mainly. I’ll also review movies, shows, songs, books, and other blogs.

and then there’s my SHOP

the newest addition to this site. handmade items, digital art for download, printed art, mystery boxes, and more. I’ll keep adding to it. Hope you find something you like. It’s a small way to help keep paying for my site so I can continue to bring you the stuff you like to see here.

There you go. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.

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