👋🏼Hola! It’s finally time to launch my new color of the month series. I’ve had this in mind since the end of 2019, but due to changes, I wasn’t able to carryout. I’d be a bad pizza delivery person😆

Had I started back on month one, the colors would’ve been:

Sky Blue for JANUARY
Shades of green for MARCH
Joker Purple for APRIL because the month itself was a joke – a month long April fool’s joke**️⃣

But, since we cannot go ⏪back in 🕙time, let’s push ▶️play here on the month of MAY!

The color of the month is 🥁🥁🥁 beautiful, bright, & bold YELLOW💛

Why Yellow?

Let’s face it, the past couple of months have been filled with uncertainty, anxiety, major life changes, face masks, curfews, bans y más. A dark gray area, (if you will). Hey, it’s okay if you felt that way (and/or still do) during these times. Don’t listen to Elsa. Feel, don’t conceal. Your feelings don’t deserve to be locked in like a genie in a bottle, baby!

With my heart on my chest, I can say, I felt it all. But despite it, my hope wasn’t broken.

Deep, deep inside, I felt that brighter days were up ahead. Call me loca, but I felt they were even occurring during the pandemic. [More on that in my previous, facing the coronavirus, posts] Back to this post… because I felt brighter days up ahead and during, I couldn’t think of a better time nor color to launch this 🎨color of the month series.

To further answer your curiosity:

💛Yellow is synonymous of feel good/happy thoughts. Y’know plain ol’ sunshine. And giiiiiirl (or boy, Mrs. or Mr.) has it been sunny here in TX. ☀️

Sure, the w🌎rld is still filled with uncertainty and the unknown, but it cannot be safe nor good to stay down & gloomy forever. Choose to look past this. Look around and see that the sun is peeping⛅

💛Let that sun shine! Let that sunlight in.
Soak in the sun. Many places have lifted strict orders and the beaches are open. But even if you cannot go out, out, there are many other ways to soak in the sun. Stay tuned for that blog post.

I’ll be creating a list on the topic of soaking in the sun and shining as bright as the sun even during times like these.

Stick around my instagram (@holagloriayasmin) for yellow posts and stories 💛

*I’ll place an asterisk*️⃣ to denote sarcasm, cause it’s hard to be sarcastic through text.

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