Facing Coronavirus – 5th Strategy

We’ve learned the four previous strategies we should implement during this pandemic. Strategies that will help us stay grounded in God and steer clear from all anxiety and fear. They are as follows:

Concentrate in Prayer,
Control Your Mind,
Count Your Blessings, and
Claim Your Promises.

Today we discuss the fifth strategy to help us face coronavirus.

5. Consider Your Responsibility

That is to demonstrate our faith to a watching world. To a world wailing and crying for a disease to stop. A world living in terror and panic. A world that is only concerned about their own selves and whether they have enough food in their pantries and enough toilet paper.

We need to stand out. 

We need to be willing to help the sick. We need to continue to show love.

There are others who need to be encouraged and cared for. Do your part (without going against CDC regulations and/or presidential mandates). Call or text someone with an encouraging word. Offer to run an errand for someone who is housebound.

Keep six feet apart physically, but keep closer than ever spiritually.

During this time of personal distancing, take the time to pray with someone on the phone or through your social media platforms. Be creative.

You can be the hands of Jesus reaching out to those in need today. Consider that your responsibility.

Don’t let fear of, “what if I catch the virus?”  or any other form of fear/doubt get in your way of doing your part. Remember that as a Christian we needn’t be afraid of death because we should understand that,

…to live is Christ and to die is gain. – Philippians 1:21

Let’s be quick to help and slow to hide undercovers.

Remember our responsibility is to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of the virus, ( and we should do all in our power to do our part). But it is also our responsibility to continue to spread the gospel and to show Christ lives in us. So that others can see and come to know the One who is helping us face the coronavirus so that they can face it too.

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