Facing Coronavirus – 4th Strategy

We’ve learned three previous strategies that prove to be beneficial to face the coronavirus: Concentrate on Prayer, Control Your Mind, and Count Your blessings.

Here’s Strategy number 4.

4. Claim Your Promises

I’m not referring to the man-made promises that may be stating, “we will put an end to this virus” or “this will soon be over” because for one, we don’t know if there will be an end – we only know the One who can put an end to it and only if it is in His will. And two, we don’t know His timeline. We can only pray for it to be soon, but His times are perfect.

The promises are the ones written in the bible. Promises written in verse form, that help overcome fear, anxiety, and any ailment that comes our way like this coronavirus.


Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. – Psalm 56:3

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid. – Isaiah 12:2

I will never leave you nor forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5-6

The Lord is my helper, I will not fear. What can man do to me?

How Do They Apply Today?

If COVID-19 and all its related events are causing you te be afraid, put your trust in Him.

Better yet, we can choose to be courageous because we have the assurance that God is our salvation; therefore, no need to fear this pandemic.

We can be certain that we are not alone during this troubling time. He is with us. Which also allows us not to fear.

As for the last promise, we know He is our helper at all times, including these times. That should give us strength and courage. If we live in the assurance that man cannot do anything that God doesn’t allow them to do to us, we can rest assured that the same applies to this coronavirus. Coronavirus cannot do anything to us that our Heavenly Father doesn’t allow or will to occur in our lives.

We needn’t be afraid. He has given us many promises in His Word – we just need to read them, believe them, and claim them!

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