Holy Week – Saturday

Imagine being part of the disciples, or anyone really, who heard Jesus preach on the mount. And then feel an emptiness and sadness because He was crucified and died.

Holding true His words, but not fully comprehending them until after they came to pass.

That is what this Saturday must’ve felt for many in those times.

Key Events

The Pharisees ask for a guard at Jesus’ tomb – Matthew 27:62-66

They asked for a guard because they recalled Him preaching that He would rise again on the third day. They used the excuse that they were afraid some of His followers would steal His body in the night and add to the what they believed was blasphemy.

The Savior’s body lies in the grave –Β Matthew 27:59-28:1; Mark 15:46

Luckily, we know how this story ends. He doesn’t stay in the tomb!!!


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