Listen To Your Body

by Gloria Yasmín

As listed in the previous post, there are several things you can do to benefit your bod.

Today we will be tackling the “big one.” It’s crucial. It’s beneficial. It’s mind freeing. It’s truly liberating. And it’s quite simple. Here’s how:

Listen To Your Body

Get into it. But like, really into it. However you interpret that is entirely up to you. No judgement here. Although it’s inclined to mean to really get into it, like how you get into an awesome read, or a spectacular tv series. (v.) to be fully invested in it.

Be in tune, in sync, (or somewhere on the same page at least). Be very mindful of it. Never do anything to it that will cause an imbalance. Aim for balance. Be one; united.

Take time to sit and assess yourself – your body. You could also do this standing up. But that sounds more tiring. Horizontal standing, preferably on a soft surface (i.e. bed) turns out to be great too. And a much better option. It may cause drowsiness though. So, sitting is more practical to be doing your assessing.

Don’t think it silly to ask your body questions like:

“Body would you benefit from a walk?”
“Should we sleep now?”
“Do you need the food stuff, or can you wait?”     etcetera…

So, yes, speak with your body. Let it tell you its needs. No, really it can and will tell you its needs if you are open to speak with it and willing to listen to your body.

Seriously, listen to your body. It’s smarter than you. If you’re body is telling you it’s tired, listen to it; get rested. If it’s telling you it’s dehydrated; water it. If it’s roaring it’s hungry, listen to it; feed it. etcetera…

Team up with your body. Fight for it. Never against it. Defend it. Protect it. Do all things team-y. And don’t be afraid to warm those benches when the need arises. And please, be your greatest cheerleader as well. 

Your body is your wheels, your engine, and you are the one driving. So drive. But drive carefully. Obey the speed limits, top up on fuel regularly, and make sure to give it all the maintenance it needs and deserves.

But most importantly listen to your body because you love it – or want to start that self-love.


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kaciethings May 29, 2019 - 5:49 PM

Yes, yes, YES! So often, I see problems arise and they could have all been avoided had I just listened to my body! It’s become to “fashionable” to push ourselves to the limits, overexert ourselves, and give more of us than is healthy… when we need to respect ourselves and each other’s right to just listen to their bodies. Thank you for sharing this. <3

Gloria Yasmín June 12, 2019 - 1:21 PM

Thank you for commenting. And it’s sad, but true how much more we could’ve avoided had we just listened to our bodies. Hope you’re able to give yourself rest if you find yourself overexerting your body.


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