Tips for Struggling with Finding Positivity in Your Own Skin

by Gloria Yasmín
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Trust me. I get it. I know the struggle. It’s difficult, at times, to find positive things about yourself. As creatures with extremely high self-criticizing skills, we tend to do just that – criticize every single flaw. 

Let’s put an end to that. How? There are many ways to focus on the positive and hush the negative. Here are some of my quick tips to ease the struggle and find positivity in your own skin. 

Tips for anyone struggling with finding positivity in their own skin.

Actual, practical, helpful, and gentle tips for erecting your body confidence and comfort. Never feel obligated to do these things though. Not if it’s not your vibe.

Take a look at yourself, just for a minute, (most days)

This is aka the body image experiment. Stand before a mirror and stare at yourself for a full 30 minutes or so. Take it all in. Appreciate it.  The goal here is to learn to be comfortable in your own skin as time progresses.

Tidy Up.

Paint your toenails. Brush your hair. Moisturize your legs. Y’know, just tidy things up. By all means, abandon any efforts to paint any part of yourself if you’re not excited to. Simply do what makes you and your body feel fabulous. Show it some love.

Moisturize Mindfully

Moisturize your entire body. It can prove to be a beautiful experience. You’ll be able to feel yourself and appreciate each body part as you rub lotion into it. Bonus: your skin will feel that much softer and your clothes will slip on easier afterwards.

Shower Mindfully

I know, showers are usually where we solve our major life problems, have imaginary arguments (which we win, of course), practice our winning awards speech, and sing at the top of our lungs, but it can also be the perfect time and place to absorb ourselves in. Substitute all other things listed, and keep your mind in the moment.

Take Notes

Write down your favorite and most-loathed parts of yourself on Post-Its. Stick them to your mirror. Then slowly take the bad ones down and add more good, day by day. This can become your new positivity activity. Or simply jot down what you feel looks great, in that particular moment, on that particular day, in a diary that never leaves your bag, or on scraps of paper to stow away in safe places for reflection later on. Because one day might come when you aren’t feeling fabulous and you need reminding. Reminding that you’re a total bad-a** with lots of sass.


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