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by Gloria Yasmín
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Grab the popcorn, get comfortable, to read my list of TV Series I believe to be worth the binge.

I’m a show binger, but I’m fully aware I’m not up-to-date with all the shows currently airing. Mainly because I prefer to binge a show beginning to end. I hate, hate, hate, having to wait for the next season to air. The months in between that it takes to air are torture. I lack a virtue there. That and not being able to log into any form of social media without being greeted by spoilers. Spoilers ruin a show for me. It’s the worst, so much that I won’t watch/finish a show once it’s been spoiled. (It’s happened before). With that being stated, I promise to keep this spoiler free.

Here’s the List:

(this may or may not be in the order of preference, but I promise I have fangirled for each and every series on this list)

Prison Break7020956-prison-break-864x420The very first show that ever grabbed and managed to maintain my attention. The very first show I ever watched from start to finish. Mainly because the show had already finished airing (minus season 5 which came later). This show is the mammary glands! Who wouldn’t swoon over someone with brains jetpacked with knowledge?  Currently rebinging.

Breaking Bad
bbad I may not be the danger, but I am in great danger when I binge this show. In danger of never seeing society for weeks. I absolutely loved this show. Totally worth the binge. Warning: when things come to an end you will have withdrawals. You might even not want to watch anything else for a while. And you may or may not want to rewatch this for personal reasons. I have passed the grieving from the withdrawals, finally after years. And it’s safe to say, I might binge on this show again.

Sons of Anarchy
Motorcycles? Check. Weapon and drugs? Check. Okay, so that’s not what makes the show great, but it does make it hella interesting. This is actually that one show that was ruined for me. But I still made it longways to list it on TV Series worth binging. Because it is. Had it not been spoiled, I would’ve binged all the way. That open wound has finally closed and I will restart it and hopefully finish it in a timely manner. It’s a great show. Great cast. And a great soundtrack.  It’s one of those shows where the protagonist battles with an identity crisis and that is an awesome part of the plot if you ask me. This show will not disappoint. Not at all. The only thing disappointing is someone spoiling the ending for you.

 This show!!! Like why couldn’t I have discovered it earlier, like when it was airing?! I know, I said I don’t like watching them when they air, but it may have made a difference…before I bear the bad news, which may be a reason others won’t want to watch this, because yes, that’s more tragic than cannibalism. Ha! For me it is. Anywho, this show is based on you guessed it Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Y’know the one Anthony Hopkins did a spectacular job at portraying in the movies. Yet, this show is beautifully and carefully portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen, who also does a spectacular job. It correlates with Thomas Harris’ series as well. (Which I also recommend to read)! Only 3 seasons, because sadly, NBC stopped airing it. There the bad news. It doesn’t finish. And I’m kind of hoping this isn’t another one of those shows that never get the chance to get a finish. Regardless, it is still a great show to binge. It’s gory, it’s filled with thrills, and it’s so much more. Perhaps cannibalism is not one thing one should be proud of watching, but this show be too good not to fangirl about.

Bates Motel
Wow! Just Wow. The one word I can use to describe this show. Character Norman Bates, the same one from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. This show portrays a younger Norman Bates. But you still get the same eerie-like feel intended. Although it does include a town with non-ethical standards, which could have been left out, it still has an awesome story. One that I’m so glad I could have encountered. Although the actor Freddie Highmore (Norman) is now currently acting in another show, I feel like I can never see him as anyone else but Norman Bates. That could be a good thing, but also a bad thing for his acting career. That’s just to say that he did an absolutely great performance as Norman. And the chemistry between his acting mother is one that truly depicts an Oedipus complex. This is probably one genre not many others are able to voice freely or are fond of, but relax, this is just a series. One worth binging that is.

Doctor Who
This is actually more than a show, it’s an ongoing series since the 1960s. One that had a long pause and then made its debut in 2005. Obviously, I wasn’t around when it first aired, so my first doctor (which also happens to be a popular question in this fandom, “Who was your first doctor?”) happens to be the 9th. Whom, I thought was my favorite up until 11 came along. So yes, this show is very sci-fi and as many actors, and different doctors (13 now). But it’s obviously worth the binge if it’s been going on for so long. Although not an American show, it is still absolutely worth spending your “timey-wimey” binging. From aliens to spaceships, to friendly relationships, this show has a great dialogue (which is what kept me from not leaving it despite the first episode with the 9th doctor) It’s cheesy, but the storyline just gets better and better, like fine wine. And it’s one of those that is still going on, but that’s okay because when it isn’t airing you won’t have much withdrawal symptoms since you can always go back and relive the former doctors. As I have been. I became a Whovian in 2013. And caught up with the show, by binging day and night of course, before the air date of The Day of the Doctor. I’m glad I did because this is one of those shows that takes you for adventure-filled spins. It’s definitely worth it.

The Walking Dead
Before I get started, I’m going to be one of those people, “the graphic novel is way better.” Okay, now that I got that off my chest, the differences and additions to this show are still okay. I mean, not so great, but that’s how media works. And it does add to the suspense and it still manages to make it to my list. If you’re looking for a show that is more based on killing zombies than it is on how characters change due to an outbreak, then this show may not be your thing. You’ll be like me the first time I watched it, disappointed. You’ll think it lacks action. Because believe me, some seasons in you’ll reach the point where it seems more drama less action. But, if you look at it from a different perspective and give it another shot and start all over, you’ll see that this show is actually dynamic. Plus, you know you’ll still get some zombie killing action every now and then. And you’ll realize that sometimes there are greater threats than a hoard of zombies. Yup, it’s more of a deep, psychological show when viewed through that lens. And when done so, it becomes binge-worthy.

Jane the Virgin
Then we have a novela-like show that I was surprised I would like. I thought it would be like the regular boring soap-operas, but boy was I wrong and am I glad! This show emulates the spirit of the novelas I grew up watching (It’s a Hispanic thing). But it encapsulates so much more than just the novela feel. It’s witty, it’s funny, and it has a great narrator which makes this show so much cooler than any other soap-opera. Plus, it’s a story that caught my attention because, like me, Jane is an aspiring author. I know, huh! But her life is screen-worthy lol. And the characters playing her relatives, friends, and even rivals are well chemistry balanced. All the characters make this show pop and come to life. They each add their own color to it and it’s just totally worth watching.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend
crazy exgf 
The last show mentioned made me delve into shows with similar genres and I came across, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. Gasp! It’s every musical fan’s dream come true. A series where singing is a big part of, but not any ordinary boring song. No, these songs are hilarious. Plus the storyline is incredible, witty, and funny. Plus, it deals with mental illness and how self-care is important above all. And yes, it really is about a crazy ex, but there is so much more to that. Great show from beginning to end. And that ending, is hella incredible. One of the most satisfying endings of a show after it sinks in.

The Mindy Project
Hahahahaha-filled. That’s the best way to describe this show. I mean, Mindy Kaling truly outdid her self. She directed this show in such a way that doesn’t feel like she tried to hard to make it funny (like other popular shows that I will just never have a fancy for). The humor is all natural. It’s amazing. It’s ironic. It’s sarcastic and that makes it all the great. The cast is awesome. You’ll fall in love with the characters. And you’ll see that despite the humor and sarcasm, she digs into some deep issues, but chooses to solve them in a different manner and that’s entirely okay.

Bonus: I was iffy about including the following:

and that’s because it’s been such a long time since I’ve watched them that I’m not sure I can justify them being bingeable. I mean, sure, when I watched them for the first time I was hooked, but I’ll have to leave them on my shelf for now and when I get around to playing them, I’ll update this post and see if they make it to the list. I do recall they did have me hook and I loved the plots. So I give them that.

There you have it. My spoiler-free list of TV Series worth the Binge.

Are you a fan of any listed? Do you agree/disagree? What are your opinions on my list?

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this post or any of your favorite shows you’d like to recommend.

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