It’s October 3rd!!!

by Gloria Yasmín
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 yo yo yo mean girls movie.GIF       mean girls its october 3rd GIF

That means, Happy Mean Girls Appreciation Day!!!

what do you mean GIF

Y’know the one day out of the entire year where you can let your inner plastic out. Or not really, but it is the one day where you are able to quote and quote and quote some more all things Mean Girls related.

How much can you quote?

cady heron math GIF

And that’s exactly what I have planned for today.

But why the hype today out of all the other October 3rd’s???

Well, this October 3rd lands on a Wednesday!!! And we all know that, mean girls hump day GIF

I mean how “grool” is that?

i meant to say cool but then i started to say great mean girls GIF. I’d dare even say, “that’s so fetch!”

So, I really hope that you are all wearing pink. Or else I’ll have to go all mean girls on you, “you can’t sit with us” type of thing.

And yes, I had to totally write a post about Mean Girls on this October 3rd.


mean girls movie GIF

Because I totally love this movie and it brings the nostalgia every October 3rd. karen smith mean girls movie.GIF And tbh, it doesn’t even have to be that date for me to reference the movie every now and then. And by every now and then, I mean every chance I get. And no it doesn’t get old. Some people get it and those are my kind of people. cady heron mean girls movie GIF

Then there are others that are just like,

gretchen wieners no.GIF cady heron no GIF.

They really don’t have a clue as to what I’m referring to. Or they just don’t plain understand how awesome Mean Girls is. And I can’t help, but side with Regina on this one, regina george what is happening to the world GIF

Seems to me that those kind of people don’t even go here. Damian says it better. But you catch my drift?

I should probably just regina george shut up GIF

And just so that we’re clear, I’m not a hater if you don’t happen to love this movie as I do. This is just my appreciation post. What better way than to incorporate gifs with the quotes you can catch me using in different real life scenarios.

I’m not a mean girl myself. I would have never made it to the plastics. If anything I’d be the girl who gets punched by Regina George or somewhere along those lines.

Regardless whether you’re a fan or not, I’d never say you can’t sit with us. I was simply

joking mean girls GIF

I’m just so excited that it’s October 3rd.
mean girls clapping GIF

Hope you can tell with this appreciation post. . . On another note:

mean girls what has everybody been up to GIF

I’d like to know if there are any other fans out there like me. How did you all celebrate Mean Girls Day? 

And now, I should probably sign off and make a “hump day” treat.

cady heron brb GIF

mean girls thank you GIF


Tune in for more blogtober posts. 
mean girls well see you tomorrow GIF

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