Recreate Yourself (on Instagram) Tips

If you haven’t noticed already, I cleared out my ENTIRE Instagram over the weekend. I also unfollowed some accounts that no longer ‘phased’ me. And I feel liberated! There’s an entire post about that here.

As you all may have got the gist of on the previous post, I disliked almost all of my grid. There were random postings; clearly no theme was evident. Did I like my content? Of course, at the time of publishing, I thought it was the shiznizzle, but after years and looking back at the grid, it just wasn’t doing it for me. My taste and style have evolved. I needed my Instagram to follow suit. Hence, clearing my entire account for that visual refresh.

And now, I’m here to inform you some tips on how-to get that done. Because detachment isn’t the easiest thing. Nor the nicest.

Tip: If you decide to do this, don’t forget to backup your photos. I’d also recommend archiving your posts, just in case you ever feel like bringing any of them back.

And don’t worry, if you begin to feel guilty about removing a photo  which later you feel will align to your recreation, you can always go back and repost those photos.

As for me, I’m unsure whether I will re-upload some old photos. Some were really great and seemed to fit the look I’m going for, but I’ll see in the future.


Tip: If the problem is your feed, you could always refresh your following. It makes a huge difference and it almost makes it seem as though you’re in control of what you see on your feed, algorithm aside that is.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we just follow people for the sake of following them. But do we really, absolutely, need to know what all celebrities are up to? I mean, I get it, yes, you’re a huuuuuuuuge fan, with high-hopes of one day getting a shout out, recognized by your fave celeb (I assume that’s why people follow celebs?) Or, okay it could be about supporting your faves and that’s understandable. But do every single one of them line up to what you’re wanting to get with this new refresh. Reboot. Recreation?


Don’t go unfollowing everyone, unless you are really brave. Continue to support those you do. But do get rid of those that no longer phase you. It’s part of the feed cleaning. It’s okay to keep family, friends, and people that you feel are genuine and create beautiful content that absolutely, really interest you.


Tip: If you do plan on unfollowing a bunch of accounts, because that’s okay too, Start off by scrolling down your feed. Simply scroll and if you see an image that “turns you off” makes you cringe, or doesn’t inspire, go ahead, click unfollow. Refresh feed and repeat. Or simply go to your following and unfollow accounts that don’t make you feel good or live up to your likes anymore. Hey, people change as do tastes. It’s normal.

As far as re-posting goes, as you start fresh, don’t publish because you feel that you need to “keep up.”

Tip: Post to inspire yourself. Post to inspire others. Post to connect with like-minded people. Overall, post with purpose and intention.

There’s more about re-posting where that came from. I’ll soon put a How-To Recreate Your Instagram with Purpose.

For now, that is all. If you have any other tips I left out, feel free to comment. Until next time.



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