Recreating Yourself (on Instagram)

Have you ever thought about starting anew? Changing your name, your look, and even your description.

Wait, what? Description, how?

That’s right! You can do just that if you mustered enough courage to completely change your Instagram account.

Before reaching the How-To part, here’s the brief background as to why this came about.

Hello guys, my Instagram (IG) username was once @glorizontal, later changed to @glorizons, only to be changed a third time to @hello.glori. But that’s okay, because they say la tercera es la vencida (third times the charm). And I really hope that would have been charming enough. And it was for the remainder of the 5 years I’ve been on IG.

But lately, I’ve grown out of love with what once my favorite app. Sorry Instagram, but it’s true. What once was the place where I carefully crafted my creative posts soon became to be the spot where I just posted, to post. And my somewhat organized grid became a sloppy sight.

It lacked inspiration and creativity. It lacked the appealing factor.  It didn’t even have a theme, for crying out loud. I used to participate in the #WHP photo challenges. And then I just went out of focus and it began to get a different vibe. Which was funny and cool at first. I received the haha’s and the likes. But then, even that went splat.

I was left with a scrambled, random mess. A huge mess indeed that my Instagram was in dire need of a ‘facelift.’

Thus, going through with my decision of recreating my life on Instagram. A time to start anew. And guys (and gals) this wasn’t one of my impulsive, spur-of-the-moment decisions either. I spent months toying back and forth the idea of deleting all my pictures and starting with a new slate. I’m proud to say, I have finally been doing just that.

I’ve backed up my pictures. I must admit, that regret soon sunk in. But not for the decision, no, I’m all in. It was actually regret for not having my IG posts automatically saved on my phone’s gallery. (Then again, it’s not even the same phone).

And I’ve gotten rid of over 400 posts on IG. It got tiresome and I had to put a pin on it. I’ll continue to do that. I hope to have it accomplished by this upcoming Sunday. In addition to deleting and purging myself of my past, I will change my username once more. (That’s actually IG’s feature I love. You can change it without a limit).

This time though, I already had another account with the username I will now use as my main. And not surprisingly, it is @nopalitana.

And this is how I will start with a blank slate.

I truly believe starting over will help me feel refreshed. I will no longer continue to be held back by my past. And since I’ve been getting rid of my past photography, I’ve felt a sense of liberation. And I’ve been feeling that spark that re-ignites my passion for photography.

And if I’m dishing out all the deets, I might as well include that Instagram’s algorithm stunt was a major turn off. And another of the main reasons IG slowly started to go to the bottom of my favorite app’s list.

WHY? Because I prefer to see things as they are posted. In real time. Not what technology thinks I want to see. That whole algorithm was a game changer and it wasn’t for the better. That’s why I didn’t put much emphasis on my posts any longer. What’s the point if followers might see days from now? Seriously though, can they get rid of that feature as of yesterday? Huge major turn off.

Despite it all, I want to try to re-ignite that spark I had with IG before that absurd update. And I thought, well if I restart and post pictures enticing enough to click on my feed I should begin by making these drastic changes to my Instagram. They could prove to possibly improve my experience with the app once more. 

Deleting and recreating is essentially me giving Instagram a second chance.

Plus, I also want to pick a theme, portray it and stick with it. No more random changes and postings when inspiration is low. If this works out, and I’m hoping it does, I hope IG becomes my go-to place of inspiration and enjoyment once again.

I felt, with an urge that grew each passing moment, that cleansing my IG was the way to go. Yet, I also felt fear creep in at the thought of doing so at the same time.

Yet, here I am 400 some pictures, saved, archived, and deleted later. With approximately less than 100 to go.

It’s safe to say, this whole recreating my life on Instagram is actually a decision I am excited about. A new opportunity. A rebirth.

As soon as I finish deleting it all, I will thereafter post about the How-To process. Trust me it wasn’t as easy, when I came across a good post, but it was totally doable. And I feel great.


3 thoughts on “Recreating Yourself (on Instagram)

  1. This is awesome, girl! I’m glad you’re finding a way for IG to work for you, despite the changes it’s gone through recently. 😊❤️ Back when I had an IG account, I found that changing my profile picture, bio, theme, and/or username helped me to stay happy with the experience!
    I used to love doing Pinterest (I was around when it started in 2012!), but then they changed the website so much (ads everywhere, you could barely follow people…), I eventually stopped using it for good. 😔 There are so many online things that HQ tries to “improve,” but then they ruin so much instead!
    That aside, I enjoyed reading this post of yours, Gloria! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, yes HQ and their “improvements” 😑 Pinterest’s changes too. 😕 I used to love it. I still have the app, but tbh I don’t even get on it anymore. Maybe I should declutter my phone as well. 🤔 And thanks for those tips. I’ll keep them in mind and put them to use. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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