We Finally Agreed (sort of)

by Gloria Yasmín
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Hello readers,

I have some good news, as opposed to the last time I posted on this topic. Do you recall how annoyed I was about all the time wasted looking at trailers in my last post?

Well there’s slightly none of that annoyance lingering anymore because we finally agreed on what we will be doing.

Before I go on, let’s just keep in mind: he’s team trailer, I’m team tiny house.

Okay, without further adieu, we agreed on building.

happy power rangers GIF

Finally. After so much time. Team Tiny House WINS!!!!!!!!!

And that’s what we’ve been doing  trying to do since our agreement. Come to think of it, maybe he’s been stalling the process to go back to looking at trailers. No, he wouldn’t. Scratch that. I mean we have spent our time at hardware stores. Scouting for the better deals and we found the one. Because not all deliver to our location. And the one we chose does and it even has a low fee to do so. So much win!

The only downfall, oh because it can’t just be over and done with, so it seems, is agreeing on the dimensions and floorplans.

I want a loft, he doesn’t.
I want 2 stories, he doesn’t.
He wants more square space for the bathroom, I don’t. –  I am all up for having a cozy place for those kind of necessities, but it also defeats minimalistic, tiny house living.

And then some. We bump heads a lot. And I decided to do without the loft. And I’m okay with it being regular 8 foot high walls. And he’s okay with my bathroom dimensions. We agreed on that too. But we can’t just agree on the dimensions. And I’m iffy about it because originally my 8 x 16  was if we went with the 2 stories, y’know loft included. And now that’s not enough space. He wants a 10 x 20, but 10 is too wide for my liking. I feel it will be more shed looking than anything. And I guess that’s okay, but then my plans of having a little porch will go out the window.

Speaking of windows, we can’t decide on the location of them. And he wants them small, and I want them larger. More light will make it look less entrapped. I also want skylight windows. But I know with our limited resources and little experience in building it won’t be a reality.

And I guess, I could do away with all my wants. And simply just come to an agreement no matter how simple it turns out to look. It may not be tiny house magazine material, but if it’s cozy enough for our movie watching, food cooking, eating, and sleeping we will be good.

I’ll draw up another floor plan. I’ll save it and then show it to him. Hopefully we can agree and start building with the little materials we did manage to get on our first trip to Lowe’s. Possibly our last trip there as well because we found a better place to get our wood with delivery to our location.

This isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Well, it is fun. But the fun comes after we agree. And for now that’s what we ought to do so we can continue this project and not have it on standby as we did this past week.

But we decided on building and that’s winning. Now to stick with the dimensions (whichever we agree on) and take it from there.

Can we?

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