The Trailers

by Gloria Yasmín
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He’s team trailer. I’m team tiny house.

I feel the need to restate that; because, I want everyone to know the foundation on which I stand.

Despite being team tiny house, I’ve still gone to see some trailers. Because “we’re all in this together”


We’ve seen six trailers so far. Well, we’ve seen more online, but those don’t count because it’s a total different ball park when you actually go and see them. It’s like – are people putting filters to their trailer pics or what? Cause man do they turn out to be totally different in person.

Just when we he thinks he’s found “the one” there’s been something  a lot of things wrong with.

Here’s the list of what we’ve encountered along the way:

Trailer No. 1 Boy, do I wish we had taken a photo of this one. Then again, not really. I’ll name this trailer, Eerie McGreerie. But before I get to that, let me start with the “good” make my way to the “bad” until reaching the “ugly“.

We’re driving on our way to the movies, when we notice what looked like a decent trailer with a for sale sign. Mini U-turn. Got the number. Went to see our movie. Then made the call. By then it was too late to even set a viewing time. But the man told us, whenever during the week is fine. But that wasn’t fine for my schedule. We had to wait until my day off. But it was worth the wait, or so we thought. It was a good length. All, but a flat and the exterior looked in good conditions. Come the day we scheduled the meeting and viewing, man over the phone mentions he cannot make it, but that it’s unlocked and we had his permission to enter. Entering we did, yet it still felt like trespassing somehow. We get closer to the trailer, that’s sitting in an empty, untended lot. My partner opens the door. He goes in first, because I began to feel a small scared sensation. I thought it was because I felt I was trespassing, even though we weren’t.

The inside looked like someone had been living in still. Mugs all in the sink pending a wash. Faded magazines on a small round table near the entrance. Yet, it looked too dusty to fit those suspicions. The more we walked in the more I could feel the atmosphere get tense. I thought it was a claustrophobic feeling, but there was enough space in the trailer near the entrance. Reaching the back it felt more narrow and a heavy feeling lingered. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want him to think I was making an excuse because I am not team trailer. I kept to myself, but didn’t stay inside much longer. I did comment on how little space the restroom had and how it was strange the side door was beside the toilet. That was it. But I still felt that eerie presence. I hurried to the car and I noticed he did too. And that’s when he stated, “I felt weird inside there. Like something eerie.” -“YES! I did too. I thought it was just me.”

And that’s the moment we decided NO on that trailer. We also came up with inferences as to why it had that vibe. And why the man didn’t show up. But that’s something I’ll keep to ourselves. I wonder if anyone else that went to view Eerie McGreerie felt the same.

Trailer No. 2 We came across this trailer through the app: letgo. It was a little bit smaller (length wise) than Eerie McGreerie, but it looked decentish for him to want to see it. I’ll call this one Greenie, because the room’s green paint still stands out to me. The price was too high, but my partner, “Mr. Haggler”  was sure he could get them to lower it. He’s pretty good at that stuff, so I’m like okay, a ver que pasa. We make the phone-call, set up a time. And we go to the site. Stepping in. No eerie feeling here, that’s already a win. And the living room area looks like it needs a little bit of work, but not too much. The cabinets though, I already imagined removing them and just adding shelves for storing items instead of those bulky cabinets taking up walking space. The room was spacious, green, but spacious. I’m not that big fan of lime green. He is. I think that’s why he really wanted this one. But I noticed a wasp hive on the ceiling and I’m like, yup this one requires deep cleaning. But it didn’t have anything else. No furniture, except for the cabinets and a sink. I don’t even recall seeing the restroom in this trailer to be honest. I think it was the fact that it was too dark and I felt rushed by the lady. It seemed sturdy and with some tlc it would be good to go. We try He tries to negotiate. The lady goes back inside to ask her elderly mother, because it’s actually not hers. Her mother is set on the price. All we could say, is we will give you a call if we change our mind. Spoiler alert: we never called back. And sadly, I think the green began to grow on me. Moving on.

Trailer No. 3 We’re driving to a taqueria when I noticed the cutest little camper for sale. “But it’s too small.” “But it’s too cute!” And so another U-turn and there we were standing outside of the mini camper. “Get the number, call them tomorrow.” I know, weird huh. How I was the one into it when I’m not even team trailer. But dear fellow reader, it was cute! Like y’know how there’s those videos out there of turning a camper into a glamper. I was already thinking of that point in time: when we no longer needed it for living quarters and I could transform it. How selfish. But it was just perfect for that type of project. I’m naming this one, Happy Camper.

We looked through the windows. Or at least he did. I only saw what my short self could reach to see inside. I did notice lots of cabinets. And I’m like well that can’t be too good. But it had its own untampered, well taken care of wooden framed screen door. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of those. It took me back to the ones my parents once had in their home. Yet, when I came back to my senses. It was too small. And we noticed they had the price. It was going to be even more expensive than Greenie, yet smaller. He called the next day to haggle. They only lowered it $100 and it was still in the thousands. Definitely not worth the expense for that price. Not for what we need it for at least. Might as well take up the offer they had for Greenie. But, decided we should keep looking before taking that step.

Trailer No. 4 On our way back from San Antonio, my partner a.k.a. Mr. Haggler had been doing his research on trailers for sale. And he came across one on our way back in Donna, Texas. Okay, so we would have to take a slightly different route to get to that destination, but Donna is approx. 1:45 hours away from our hometown. We figured it was okay of a distance. *Spoiler alert* we miscalculated. Originally the posting on letgo said $900. It was approximately 3 feet longer than Happy Camper. It was still small of a size. But I jokingly told Mr. Haggler to ask if seller would meet us at $490. And if he would, I’d agree to go see it. Almost instantaneously, he replied with a yes. I was awestruck. I didn’t think he would. I almost instantly regretted not low-balling him even more. And that’s why we took that detour on our way back home. 3 hours later and many, many, many miles after we reached the place. We learned they are a business that buys old trailers, repairs and remodels, and sales them. They had some decent ones there on the lot, but way out of our price range. You’re talking about double digits in the thousands. The reason they were willing to take $490 was because it was a trailer they had received but hadn’t worked on yet. Take as is type of deal. When we checked inside, boy was it messy. As if a hurricane had passed through. Mattresses overturned. Cassette tapes on the floor. Junk everywhere. It would need a deep, deep cleaning and disinfectant. The windows were broken. The stove possibly not functioning. The trailer was not that sturdy. Would it even make the drive to where we want it? “We’re sorry, but we need to talk about it and see how we will move it because we see it needs repairs.” They understood. They gave us their business card. And we even inquired about one they remodeled and gave it a wood exterior with beautiful windows, but of course $18,000 is something we cannot afford right now. So we continued with our trip back home without making a deal.

Trailer No. 5 And yet another listing on letgo. I shouldn’t let him use that app. Just kidding. But we went to Lozano. A little town near our small town. A town I knew had flooded badly approx. 2 weeks before we went to see the trailer. And sure enough when we went to see it, it looked like it had flood damage even though the seller affirmed it didn’t. Half of the floor was missing. I mean, why else would that be? And the paneling on the bottom half looked as if it had soaked a lot of water and it expanded/burst. What’s the proper term? I don’t know, but I do know that trailer must have been damaged by flood. It was a decent size don’t get me wrong, but the man lying and not wanting to lower the price despite half the floor missing and those little details like the broken window as well and the cabinets that looked unfinished. It was a big no. And it took me some convincing to get my partner to be on the same page. “$675 is okay. I can fix the flooring.” -“Then that means it will come out more than that price.” And it was a back and forth. But thank God, he decided on not making a deal. Even though they kept texting him and calling to see if he was still interested. Which was odd since they had told us if we didn’t purchase that day the next day they had someone else going for it. At least we were upfront and told them we weren’t sure because of the price and the repairs it desperately needed. I wonder what happened to their line of potential buyers they swore to have on that undamaged trailer from the flood?!

Trailer No. 6 Mr. Haggler was on letgo again. And why was I not surprised when he came at me with “this is the one” for the 4th time? “Okay so where’s this one at.” I was tired of all the time wasted on looking at trailers. When we could have been done with the planning and buying and starting to build. Annoyed much? It was minutes away. “Okay we could do the drive before dinner. I’m famished.” Oh, look she’s hangry that explains her mood.

We go. The only thing I liked about this trailer was that it looked decent on the outside. It was a decent size. Possibly 1 foot smaller than Greenie, but it had counters. And the seller was honest about how it needed many repairs. We knew what to expect, sort of. We didn’t think he meant the floor was practically non existent on one side and that ants were roaming around. That the ceiling was falling apart. Nope, nope, nope. It needs too many repairs that are out of our league. And that was that.

There was almost a trailer No. 7, but we never made it out to Alamo, TX. The man was selling it with all the furniture inside. It was similar in size to Eerie McGreerie. But he did mention it had a leak. Or was that No. 6? With so many trailers and descriptions I get them confused. I don’t know. But for one reason or another we were never able to go see it. And I’m glad. Because all the viewing of trailers had me so confused and tired. Annoyed at times. I just feel time was wasted and we had yet to decide on one or even building.

Now can you see why I am team tiny house all they way? That time could’ve been spent at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or our local hardware store. Comparing prices after making floor plans and shopping lists. I’m all about floor planning and makings lists.

Pero, a ver que pasa calabaza.

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