Trailer vs. Tiny House

by Gloria Yasmín
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He’s team trailer. I’m team tiny house.

And we’ve been throwing pros and cons at each other; day in – day out.

Him: “Everything is already included.”
Her: “But they’re used. And we could include everything in the newly built tiny house.”
Him: “But that will take longer than just purchasing a trailer.”
Her: “I don’t see the trailer scouting process take any less time.”

And it’s been like that. Back and forth and we can’t come to an agreement.

At times, I feel his reasoning behind choosing a trailer is enough to become team trailer, but the prices of some trailers we’ve seen remind me, for that price range, we could have something new. Designed our way, that will meet our needs. So, I stand firm on team tiny house foundation. And my reasoning also seems solid, he sometimes sways and wants to give in, but he wants something now. (And I thought I was the impatient one).

But, I can see where he is coming from. The sooner the better. But, then within time something old, how much longer can it withstand. I’m all up for team tiny house. I’m even up for making a shed into living quarters. And within time, after even more savings, when we officially find our own land, and build a real house, that shed can become my she shed. Okay, or his little man cave thing. I cannot be too selfish. But that will be something for discussion later in time.

For now, we need to decide something and fast. As in yesterday.

We have 2 months to either find a good trailer or build a tiny house. And I’m hoping team tiny house wins.

Because what’s not to love about the design I became enamored with at first sight?

Here, see for yourself. tiny-house-free-plans-ana-white-industrial-style-metal-siding_0.jpg

I’m swooning all over again. And it’s on wheels! Of course, I’d do several modifications, but it is lovely.

As for the trailers, we haven’t had much luck in finding a decent one. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. We’ve seen 6 already and they’ve all had something wrong with.


This has been fun. Stressful, but fun. And we’ve bumped heads. I just want this stage to be over.

And I hope we can settle on an agreement and get to scouting for either better trailers, or the materials. Because I already have the building plans saved and ready to go.

A ver que pasa.

I just know, I’m team tiny house all the way.

Stick around for more updates. And to find out who wins. (Not that it’s about winning, but y’know).

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