Mini Road Trip Recap


From the southern tip of Texas, a trip emerged. A 4 hour commute, in my little red Cruze, with one of my favorite people. It wasn’t leisure. It was due to a trauma follow up appointment. So driving to San Antonio we went.

You would think, since I love photography, I would have captured many moments. Yeah, that didn’t happen. None, whatsoever. And I’m a bit bummed. But then again, it wasn’t a leisure trip.

It was meant to be a come and go, 1-day trip. But the weariness got the best of us and we opted for getting a room and heading off the next day.

Talks about maybe hitting El Mercado. Or Perhaps even the Botanical Gardens. But that didn’t happen. We were even so close to going to Sea World. Since they have that $30 special for tickets. And time is running out. But we just stuck to going back home.

Mainly, it must’ve been because upon being through with the appointment, (12:05pm – 3pm) we were famished. We decided on burgers. And even deciding a place took quite the time. But I couldn’t have been happier than the restaurant we went to. It was the bomb. More details about that to come. Because yes, it was so good, it deserves a review post all on its own!

Everything was fine and dandy, until after our meal, as we decided to hit a park and then head back home, my phone just gave up. And it wasn’t the battery. It turned off twice. Then it wouldn’t turn on anymore. Being that my phone was the most reliable and our source of GPSing our way back home, I panicked.

How would we get back? How would we even find a close by T-Mobile store? No way of calling. Luckily there’s free Wi-Fi at the burger joint. We managed to find T-Mobile 8 minutes away. And a purchase on a phone was made.

By then I was super drained myself. I felt like giving up just like my long committed partner, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 decided to give up on us when I most needed him. And that’s why we decided to stay in a hotel.

Expedia has great deals so I relied on them again for all the discounts they’ve given me throughout the years. Booking a hotel we did. Staying the night at San Antonio we did.

And even though we don’t have pictures to prove our estancia at San Antonio. We did. And even though my heart almost stopped in sync with the phone, I had a good time.

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