Vamos Mexico!

by Gloria Yasmín
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Summer of 2018 and the FIFA World Cup is taking place. Oh, the motions, commotions, and emotions taking place all over the world including, in my living room in my little home and in my little heart.

Prior to going further into deets and specs, here’s my disclaimer: I am not huge on sports. I repeat, I am not huge on sports. Sure, I watch the Superbowl. Sure, I catch myself watching the basketball games, (usually at sport bar and grills). And sure, I “support” our local High School team – Go Falcons! I say quote support because I never attended a football game. Friday Night Lights weren’t aren’t my thing, but once a Falcon, always a Falcon. It’s our small town’s only team and they are pretty good, so yes, I root for them. But it doesn’t go further than that. I am not a sports fanatic. I don’t think I’ll ever be. The only games I went to were my nephew’s little soccer league games. And that was just to see my little 4 year old nephew play. Awesomely enough, they were the Champions. 🙂 But that’s a different story.

And although I am not a sports fanatic, I must admit, I have shot some hoops, spiked a volleyball, batted, threw passes, and kicked balls. But it doesn’t get any crazier than that. Unless of course it’s FIFA time.

There’s something about the World Cup. It brings our family together to the big screen. We gather round the living room. And we root and shout and boy are some games nail biters.

It’s every four years where I can say, me encanta el futbol.  But, I know that’s not entirely true because I don’t watch soccer any other time. But I love to love it during the World Cup. So much hype that it lives up to!

I am American. My ancestors are Mexican. Therefore, censuses classify me as Mexican-American; Chicana, pues. And even though, I’m not much into the Mexican culture, there are some things that are rooted in me. Like the  delicious Mexican cuisine, Spanish, and some traditions. Among those, I guess in my blood futbol is rooted inside. Because when Mexico plays, me pongo la verde and I’m cheering for my team. I consider Mexico my team. The team my little heart starts to accelerate and pound and thud loudly every time the opposing team has possession of the ball. The team I can’t help, but shout, “Gooooooooooooooooooooool” every time they score.

After all, el nopal is not only in my forehead. It has become my forever accessory. Like a tattoo, engraved not only in the surface of my skin, but within. Rooted. Sprouted. It’s in my blood.

Thus, I am rooting for Mexico; my team. Nuestro equipo. 

Even my Instagram showcases my support. With an artwork that I found to be completely relatable. Nopales as an accessory. The green jersey on. What a great depiction especially after yesterday’s triumph against Korea.

And we’re ready for Wednesday’s match against Sweden.

Vamos Mexico! Vamos con todo. Forever rooting for Mexico at the World Cup. And there are many great teams out there. But first place is Mexico. Then come the other two. Alright, may the best team win. And I hope this time, it’s Mexico. Let’s take that W.


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