Charcoal in my Stocking, Please?!

by Gloria Yasmín
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No one wants coal in their stocking at Christmas, but, what about charcoal? I know, I wasn’t bad enough to receive coal, but I’m willing to act bad the remainder of the days to hopefully, possibly receive some Charcoal in my stocking. Anyone, please?!

Why? Because of charcoal’s properties which are supposed to be miraculous and help rid your body of toxins. Thus, I need some activated charcoal in my life, ASAP. – I could use a Christmas miracle!

Besides, it’s the in-thing.  Y’know charcoal-based products have become hot in the beauty world. They work like magic. What better kind of Christmas magic for this gal? No, seriously, I could totally use it. I need it.

I’d love to have super-clean skin. And charcoal-based cleaners claim to be for all skin types. (Yay, mine is included – don’t even have to worry about what kind I have). Plus, they peel off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects, giving skin an amazing healthy glow. I’d kill a roach for that glow.  (I’m terrified of killing roaches, so that says a lot!)

Leave my skin feeling ultra-soft. Rid my glands of buildup. Remove my impurities. Por favor! 

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight! Oh, wait, I don’t have a chimney. But feel free to fill my stocking with charcoal. 😉 And just in case you’re confused about what I mean, just something similar to what is pictured below will do. Gracias! 


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